If You Don’t Know… Carolyn Malachi

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 If you don’t know Carolyn Malachi… it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to this, Grammy-nominated, independent singer-songwriter, dancer, spoken word artist and social philanthropist.

Carolyn’s voice will get your attention, her lyrics will pull you in and her musical accompaniment will make it impossible for you to leave.

That is exactly how it happened for me.  The first time I heard her song Organic Soul, I was literally stopped in my tracks.  I was hooked from the top of the first verse…

You are a dancer don’t move unless I’m there…

You choreograph in tune to my heartbeat

Slide over here, into that chair and

Play a melody blacker than asphalt

Your ass ought to call me…

In the morning

I thought, who in the world is this creative song writer and why is this the first time I’m hearing her?  Come to find out… she was a smart chick, thus the name of her first album, Revenge of the Smart Chicks II: Ambitious Gods.  After researching Carolyn Malachi, I was of course pleased to learn, that like me, she is a Washington, DC native – and her roots run deep.

Malachi’s Great-Grandfather is legendary Jazz pianist John Malachi.  Jazz fans know his name from his frequent work with Jazz greats like Sarah Vaughan, Pearl Bailey, Al Hibbler and Joe Williams.  I’ve mentioned before that my Mom grew up playing piano and organ in DC churches.  My Mother actually knew John Malachi who also played in Washington churches from time to time.  My Mom said, “He didn’t have to tell you he was a jazz artist; you could hear it in the genius of his playing.”

I would say the same applies to his Great Granddaughter, Carolyn.  She doesn’t have to tell you she is an amazing talent and a force to be reckoned with.  You can hear it in every note she sings and word she writes.  I’m such a fan!

Malachi’s Organic Soul is featured as the first song on my Believe mixtape.  I also featured Malachi’s Textual on my Something New (Spring 2011) mix.

Be sure to download her latest EP Lions, Fires & Squares and definitely get Revenge of the Smart Chicks II: Ambitious Gods.

Featured Song: Love on the Median

Download Now: Love on the Median, Organic Soul, Orion


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    No… thank you Carolyn and I can’t wait to hear what you do next. Love!

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