Scott Jarrett – The Image of You

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The Image of You by Scott Jarrett is an original Quiet Storm classic.  It’s a cut from the 1980 Without Rhyme or Reason album. Scott is the brother of jazz musician Keith Jarrett.  Washingtonians who listen to WHUR immediately equate this song with the great Melvin Lindsey, who I often refer to.  This is another example of his flawless taste in timeless music.  This will be one of the songs featured on a new compilation I will be posting soon called Sounds Like Washington.  Enjoy the mellow sounds of The Image of You.

4 Responses to “Scott Jarrett – The Image of You”

  1. Kumicho Says:

    It’s the Kermit the Frog Song..! Nice..! Somewhere, Miss Piggy is smiling… 🙂

  2. DJBeTray Says:

    You know, there are people who refer to this as the “Kermit Song”… Now while The Rainbow Connection is a classic, it’s not as good as the Image of You 😉

  3. Shannon Says:

    I know every word to this song and when HUR plays it, I turn the volume all the way up. It’s on every playlist I have – from slow jams to exercise!! Love, love, love this song and all the Melvin Lindsey memories that go with it. Thanks for reminding me how great a song this is.

  4. Denise Says:

    I’ve looked all over the internet for a copy of this song. And I am heartbroken that I haven’t found any. If someone knows where i can get a copy of either the song or the whole album, please let me know. I will check back on here often to see if anyone posts anything.


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