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DJ BeTray’s Day Party Mix (Guilty Pleasures)

DayParty.mp3 While I love keeping it underground and old school… changing things up is in my name, “BeTray” – and that’s exactly what I’m doing with this mix.

Day parties are wassup in DC right now.  They start around 3PM and go until.  They happen inside of some of DC’s hottest clubs and lounges.  If you came to one of DC’s day parties, this is what you’d most likely hear.  This is a straight Top 40 Hip-Hop and R&B mixtape with a splash of Go-go.

I was playing this mix for one of my girl’s the other day and she called it, “guilty pleasure music,” that’s so true.  While my people and I can sometimes be music elitists, we like to get it in too.  Play this mix at your next party.  Love!

This mix contains adult language.

Homecoming 2010 Alumni Party

Homecoming 2010 Alumni Party

I recently DJ’d a college homecoming alumni party; this is a recording of the mix from that night.  This mix has a little something for everyone.  It starts off with some old school R&B then moves into old school hip hop on into some of today’s hits ending with some go-go classics.  Some of the featured artists include Alicia Myers, The Time, Vanity6, Michael Jackson, Foster Sylvers, Tribe Called Quest, Salt-n- Pepa, Biggie, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rare Essence and much, much more.  There are a lot of surprises on this ADULT mix.  Please enjoy and download for your own party!!
Download the 320kbps/HQ version (137 MB) here!