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BELIEVE – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 4

Believe – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 4I’m so proud to present Believe, the 4th installment in my signature “Be” Mix Series.  This mixtape explores various concepts of believing.  It also examines the idea of true love sustaining despite the baggage from past relationships.

I’d like to give a special shout-out and thank you to up and coming Neo-soul singer, Tracy Cruz; she blessed me with her forthcoming single Happy.  This mix features a number of new artists who I hope you’ll explore including Jose` James, KING, and my home girl Carolyn Malachi.  She opens this mix with her song Organic Soul.  There’s also some classic Soul on this one including music from Roy Ayers, the Pointer Sisters and Deniece Williams.  My friends, family and their hilarious voicemails have once again provided my interludes.

The “Be” Mixes are like my babies, and I take months carefully selecting each song.  My goal with these mixes is to be cutting edge while challenging you with new music and experimental artists who push and break boundaries. Be sure to also check out Betrayed, Between, and Behave as well.  Please stream or download all of my mixes and tell a friend about

I hope you enjoy Believe, remember to comment  and tell me what you think.

And on a side note – it is official, Erykah Badu is the only artist featured on all of the “Be” Mixes.  Nina Simone follows her with appearances on 3 of the 4 mixes including this one.  Love!

Download the 192kbps/HQ version (107 MB) here!

Slowly Neo for Your Soul

Slowly Neo for Your SoulThis is my followup to Something Neo For Your Soul – this is Slowly Neo for Your Soul.  This collection of slow jams features some Neo-soul classics side by side with some of my underground favorites, including DC’s own K’Alyn and Balitmore’s Fertile Ground.  Thank you to all who supported Part 1 of this series, it is the second most downloaded mix on  I promise… you will enjoy this one.  Love.




Download the 192kbps/HQ version (104 MB) here!

Something Neo for Your Soul

Something Neo for Your SoulI am very proud to present Something Neo for Your Soul, a tribute to one of my favorite genres.  I am in love with this dynamic presentation of classic neo-soul music.  This mix features the hit makers blended with good underground.  Please enjoy and share Something Neo for Your Soul and look out for Something Neo for Your Soul 2 (the slow jams) coming soon!

Download the 192 kbps version (108 MB) here!

Top 5 Neo-Soul Females


Erykah Badu

One of my favorite albums, across all music genres, is Erykah Badu’sMomma’s Gun.”  I honestly believe it’s one of the last true albums produced; and by that I mean it’s not a collection of singles… it’s a well-arranged production of songs.  Erykah is the mother of Neo-Soul;  I say this because she was the first major female Neo-soul artist, and has also “birthed” a number of new Neo-soul singers.   A couple of her background singers, N’Dambi and Yahzarah, have gone on to be hit makers in the genre as well… like Badu said, “[she] goes on and on and on and on.”

Badu calls her self an “analog girl in a digital world,” but that’s just her modesty.  She’s actually one of the most forward thinking and creative artists in music today.  A good songwriter can express the words and thoughts that you may feel everyday but don’t know how to say on your own; that’s why we love good music, it’s relatable.  A good singer can bring well-written lyrics to life; they have soul and passion.  A musician finds the notes to tie it all together…  but an artist is all this and more.  Whatever has created Erykah Badu, I love it.  She is a fantastic mix of flawed yet unapologetic womanhood.  She strips herself bare, sometimes literally, and shares her soul.  I don’t hear artists paying tribute to Badu or crediting her genius and influence, but isn’t that always the way for women?  The industry may not appreciate her now, but it will.  Maybe what’s really going on is she is the digital girl and we’re stuck in an analog world.

Jill Scott

Jill Scott

When the “Who is Jill Scott” album was first released, I put it in my car’s CD changer and didn’t take it out for like two years.  From her soft vocals echoing hope of lasting love to her screams of celebration, “Who is Jill Scott” is a classic album.  While I obviously love her recordings there is nothing like Jill Scott live.  She writes with the soul of a poet, performs with the intensity of a dramatic actress and sings like a goddess… I would say an angel, but I don’t’ think angels bring it like “Jilly from Philly.”  When her heart is broken, yours breaks too.  When she’s in love, you can’t wait to feel the same way.  That’s what Philadelphia soul has always done and that’s what flows through Jill Scott, from her hair follicles to her toenails.



Not since Sly and the Family Stone has a sound so raw and real come out of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Ledisi’s vocals can make you want to kick off your shoes in celebration or ball up in the corner and cry.  In her music, she asks the hard and serious questions aloud that so many women keep inside like; “How am I going to pay my bills?”  and “Will you be there in the morning?”  She is a down-home “gal” from the left coast and represents for the everyday sister everywhere.


Amel Larrieux

Now here lies the voice of an Angel. From the first time Amel Larrieux sweetly said, “Tell me if you want me to give you all my time,” the answer was a resounding yes from music fans everywhere. This singer, songwriter, musician and producer, began as a member of Groove Theory in the 90’s and has since become a solo, Neo-soul staple. Her sweet, soft and often pain stricken vocals always seem to feel a little melancholy even when she’s singing a happy song. She was a part of pioneering Neo-soul and continues to perform it better than most.


Me`shell Ndegeocello

From the fist time I heard Me`shell Ndegeocello’s low moan over her sensual bass guitar I thought, “Thank you God for sending my generation the music of Ndegeocello.”  She was so wonderfully retro-soul it almost seemed like a cosmic mistake.

Originally from the DC area, she flirts with hints of go-go in her percussion-driven up-tempo songs but is obviously in a serious relationship with soul.  She is a visual and stimulating songwriter; I can see what she’s describing and I can feel what she’s feeling.  My favorite Me`shell song changes from time-to-time, but my top two would be Outside Your Door and Rush Over.  These are literally two of my favorite songs of all time and there are quite a few other Me`shell songs that would easily go in my Top 50.  This musician, singer, songwriter is simply amazing and if you haven’t heard her album “Bitter,” get it immediately.  From the first note to the last, it is one of the most haunting R&B, Neo-Soul, Funk, Soul compilations ever!  And “Bitter” is great after a hard break up… just stay away from all sharp objects while you listen.

BEHAVE – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 3

BEHAVE Mixtape Vol. 3 – DJ BeTray After BETRAYAL, and being stuck in “BETWEEN,” it’s understandable that there may be feelings of anger, want, and regret but…BEHAVE!  That is the sentiment behind this third installment in the “Be” series of mixtapes.  This fantastic voyage into experimental music rocks out with some international soul and American alternative, then mellows some with jazz-fusion, hip-hop, house, Afrobeat and Neo-soul.  Like the other Be-mixes, this is for serious music-heads only.  Please download, enjoy and tell me what you think.

Download the 192 kbps version (98.4 MB) here!