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New Years Party Mix 2012

2012 New Years Party MixJust in time for your New Year’s Party!  Stream or download this mix and let it flow for the night.

This is a mix from a party I recently deejayed… we had 20 somethings to 40 somethings in the crowd.  Most of them were from either DC or the Baltimore area.  It wasn’t easy finding a mix to satisfy these extremes but judging by the crowd’s reaction, I think I did it.  This mix has it all R&B, female emcees, classic east and west coast Hip-hop, Baltimore Club, Go-go, electronica, dancehall, new music and more.

Happy New Year and Enjoy… let’s get it in 2012! Love!

Jay-Z and Kanye West – Otis

OtisThis is all that’s up right now.  I’m so happy to see a mainstream hip hop album bang like this! Watch the Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s epic partnership, will be my official fall hip hop album; that means constant rotation for the next few months.  The second single, Otis is that perfect first bite that has you anxious to enjoy the rest of the meal. Otis is the only song on the album solely produced by West.  It features a strong sample of Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness.  The song is laced with bass that flows down your back in through the floor.  Obviously I love good R&B samples, Watch the Throne is full of them, including samples of Nina Simone and Curtis Mayfield.  Beyonce, and Frank Ocean of Odd Future make guest appearances and producers include Swizz Beatz, 88-Keys, RZA, Q-Tip, the Neptunes and of course Kanye West.  The beats and music throughout the album are so next level, some tracks left me speechless.  Lyrically, Jay is at the top of his game, as usual, and I truly believe Kanye is spittin’ the best rhymes of his career.  While some critics have gotten into the back and forth of the album’s meaning and exactly what Jay and Kanye were trying to accomplish, I’ll say this… Jay is Jay and Kanye is Kanye; they’re beautifully complex and doing what they do the way they do it – that means discussions of going from broke to insanely rich, regret, arrogance, extravagance, some racial and political commentary; all mixed in with a few “bitches” and sprayed over tight beats.

Please enjoy Otis, my song of the moment.

Homecoming 2010 Alumni Party

Homecoming 2010 Alumni Party

I recently DJ’d a college homecoming alumni party; this is a recording of the mix from that night.  This mix has a little something for everyone.  It starts off with some old school R&B then moves into old school hip hop on into some of today’s hits ending with some go-go classics.  Some of the featured artists include Alicia Myers, The Time, Vanity6, Michael Jackson, Foster Sylvers, Tribe Called Quest, Salt-n- Pepa, Biggie, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rare Essence and much, much more.  There are a lot of surprises on this ADULT mix.  Please enjoy and download for your own party!!
Download the 320kbps/HQ version (137 MB) here!