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Grainger Feat. Maysa – Come Here Baby

grainger Come Here Baby In the late 1990’s former WHUR FM Program Director David Dickinson changed the sound of Washington radio by infusing 96.3’s airwaves with his personal taste.  This Song of the Moment is a product of his genius “ear”.  Come Here Baby was released by Grainger, a relatively unknown Baltimore band.  The jazzy R&B tune features Baltimore singer Maysa who had made a name for herself with British jazz band Incognito.  She sang lead on the hits Deep Water and A Shade of BlueCome Here Baby became an instant DC favorite in 1998 and is still played in heavy rotation on HUR.  I’m shouting out Dickinson because I truly appreciate his contribution to the renaissance of WHUR.  During part of his tenure, WHUR was #1 across all radio formats in the Washington market and it was the first urban radio station to surpass talk radio in DC.  While some connected the station’s historic success to its broadcasting the Tom Joyner Morning Show – it’s clear to me that it was the innovative music that carried WHUR listeners throughout the day.  But all good things must come to an end and I for one have noticed a change in the station since Dickinson’s departure.  I’m happy I’ve found a way to mention his contribution since this is part of the reason for  Good music will always be created, selected and played by those who know it when they hear it and not by a computer model or demographic surveys.  I’m thankful to all the music lovers who have influenced me and therefore influenced this site.  Please enjoy this Song of the Moment which is also featured on my latest mix, Sounds Like Washington Vol. 3

A 90’s Kind of Love


90’s Kind of LoveI’ve been thinking for sometime now, “What should my next mix be about?”  While listening to music and looking for inspiration, I thought about the 90’s.  This was a magical decade for me.  I graduated from high school and college and became a young woman in the 90’s.  It was also a great time in music.  Hip hop was maturing, grunge was budding and hair bands were dying (thank goodness).  R&B was also coming into its own.

After courting in the 70’s and making love in the 80’s, R&B was clearly having SEX in the 90’s.  The lyrics were stronger and well beyond suggestive.  The beats were memorizing and the vocals strong.  This was the decade of the R&B singer and this mix features some of the best.  It spans the entire decade and showcases some of its most popular R&B slow jams.  I’ll take my next 90’s slow jam mix back underground… but for this first volume, I wanted everyone to have the chance to think back and remember when.  Enjoy and Love!

BELIEVE – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 4

Believe – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 4I’m so proud to present Believe, the 4th installment in my signature “Be” Mix Series.  This mixtape explores various concepts of believing.  It also examines the idea of true love sustaining despite the baggage from past relationships.

I’d like to give a special shout-out and thank you to up and coming Neo-soul singer, Tracy Cruz; she blessed me with her forthcoming single Happy.  This mix features a number of new artists who I hope you’ll explore including Jose` James, KING, and my home girl Carolyn Malachi.  She opens this mix with her song Organic Soul.  There’s also some classic Soul on this one including music from Roy Ayers, the Pointer Sisters and Deniece Williams.  My friends, family and their hilarious voicemails have once again provided my interludes.

The “Be” Mixes are like my babies, and I take months carefully selecting each song.  My goal with these mixes is to be cutting edge while challenging you with new music and experimental artists who push and break boundaries. Be sure to also check out Betrayed, Between, and Behave as well.  Please stream or download all of my mixes and tell a friend about

I hope you enjoy Believe, remember to comment  and tell me what you think.

And on a side note – it is official, Erykah Badu is the only artist featured on all of the “Be” Mixes.  Nina Simone follows her with appearances on 3 of the 4 mixes including this one.  Love!

Download the 192kbps/HQ version (107 MB) here!

Nona Hendryx – Transformation


Transform There’s some music that gets in your head and never leaves.  Long after radio forgets it and deejays stop spinning it – you hear it in your own mind from time to time and remember what you loved about it.  Nona Hendryx’s Transformation is one of those songs for me.  This experimental, 80’s dance tune is the perfect mix of that edgy funk/rock blend Hendryx has always dabbled in well.  As one of the original members of Labelle, Nona Hendryx is a R&B music icon. Never satisfied with labels, she has consistently pushed musical boundaries.  She has collaborated with pretty much every musician and singer who matters, but has always walked just outside of success as a solo artist.  Nonetheless, she shined brightly in Transformation.  Hendryx is proof that black girls really do rock!  Love.

Something New (Fall/Winter 2011)

Something FallI go back to my roots with this latest addition of Something New.  I’m so excited about this wonderful mix of jazz, Neo-soul and R&B.  There are some fantastic new artists included in this mix like Gregory Porter and Elle Varner.  This mix also features the return of some classic Neo-soul artists like Eric Roberson, Ledesi, Jill Scott and Goapele.  There’s R&B on this mix as well with a sexy banger from Johnny Gill and Mint Condition‘s latest hit.  This is the second installment in my Something New series.  My first one, Something New (Spring 2011) featured a lot of pop and R&B; but this collection is filled with underground jazz and Neo-soul.  I hope you enjoy this mix of new music that inspired me so much that I had to create another Something New for you.  Love!

Download the 192kbps/HQ version (103 MB) here!