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Is Ms. Lauryn Hill Back?… Again?…

Ms. Lauryn Hill is back, or so it appears. She premiered a new song, “Fearless Vampire Killer” at the Warner Theater here in DC about a week ago during a concert. Fitting, since “Fearless Vampire Killer” was originally done by Southeaest, DC punk band (some would say the fathers of punk) Bad Brains. Enjoy and cross your fingers for a real comeback this time.  I miss Lauryn everyday!  Click the link to see video of the performance.  Love!


Whitney Houston

I’m too hurt and sad to say much more than this… goodbye to one of the most influential vocalist ever, music will never be the same.  Rest in peace Whitney Houston.


“Be” Mobile

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DJ BeTray on Facebook

Are you on Facebook?  I am!  Please like my DJ BeTray FB page.  It’s just one more way for us to connect, share and enjoy music.  Love!

Unsung, is Must See TV

Unsung is the best music show on television and actually is the only show I’ve consistently watched for the past few years.  If you have ever wondered what happened to your favorite R&B singer or group from the 70’s and 80’s, chances are Unsung has told their story or soon will.  The list of artists it’s featured reads like my website, my favorite episodes so far have been on Donnie Hathaway, Phyllis Hyman, Minnie RipertonDeBarge, Sylvester, Teena Marie, Deniece Williams, Angela WinbushAlexander O’Neal & Cherrelle, and too many more to name.  It is a well written and thought provoking show.  Think VH1’s Behind the Music without the mainstream artists, in other words it won’t be featuring Whitney Houston or Jennifer Lopez.

Catch it every Monday night on TV One.  Here’s the latest episode on Evelyn Champagne King. Love!