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BELIEVE – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 4

Believe – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 4I’m so proud to present Believe, the 4th installment in my signature “Be” Mix Series.  This mixtape explores various concepts of believing.  It also examines the idea of true love sustaining despite the baggage from past relationships.

I’d like to give a special shout-out and thank you to up and coming Neo-soul singer, Tracy Cruz; she blessed me with her forthcoming single Happy.  This mix features a number of new artists who I hope you’ll explore including Jose` James, KING, and my home girl Carolyn Malachi.  She opens this mix with her song Organic Soul.  There’s also some classic Soul on this one including music from Roy Ayers, the Pointer Sisters and Deniece Williams.  My friends, family and their hilarious voicemails have once again provided my interludes.

The “Be” Mixes are like my babies, and I take months carefully selecting each song.  My goal with these mixes is to be cutting edge while challenging you with new music and experimental artists who push and break boundaries. Be sure to also check out Betrayed, Between, and Behave as well.  Please stream or download all of my mixes and tell a friend about

I hope you enjoy Believe, remember to comment  and tell me what you think.

And on a side note – it is official, Erykah Badu is the only artist featured on all of the “Be” Mixes.  Nina Simone follows her with appearances on 3 of the 4 mixes including this one.  Love!

Download the 192kbps/HQ version (107 MB) here!

BEHAVE – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 3

BEHAVE Mixtape Vol. 3 – DJ BeTray After BETRAYAL, and being stuck in “BETWEEN,” it’s understandable that there may be feelings of anger, want, and regret but…BEHAVE!  That is the sentiment behind this third installment in the “Be” series of mixtapes.  This fantastic voyage into experimental music rocks out with some international soul and American alternative, then mellows some with jazz-fusion, hip-hop, house, Afrobeat and Neo-soul.  Like the other Be-mixes, this is for serious music-heads only.  Please download, enjoy and tell me what you think.

Download the 192 kbps version (98.4 MB) here!

BETWEEN – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 2

BETWEEN – DJBeTray Mixtape Vol.2

After betrayal, one may find oneself “between.”  “Between” is the stop on the road from heartbreak to love.  While we may try and rush past “between” to get to where we’re going; we sometimes find ourselves stuck, and in between some pretty tight spaces.  When in those spaces, stop, look, listen and don’t miss the lessons waiting.  This mixtape takes us through the journey of “between.”  It’s the second installment of the “Be” Series of mixtapes focusing on matters of the heart.  Please enjoy this highly experimental, slow-tempo mix of R&B, neo-soul and spoken word.

Download the 128kbps/HQ version (61.2 MB) here!

BETRAYED – “Be” Mixtape Vol. 1


This mixtape is the first in a series focusing on matters of the heart. It’s a story told through the music of some of the most talented underground Neo-soul and jazz artists of today; it also features some soul classics.  The story begins with the internal dialogue of a frustrated woman who is distracted from self examination when she quickly finds herself in love… again.  The man seems to reciprocate.  The rules are set, and just as fast as it began, their “love” dies.  The woman remains determined to be strong and convinces herself she’s better off without him.  She focuses on herself and this time is blessed with what appears to be real love… Could it be?

You can download the mp3 version of the BETRAYED mixtape here!