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DJ BeTray’s Day Party Mix (Guilty Pleasures)

DayParty.mp3 While I love keeping it underground and old school… changing things up is in my name, “BeTray” – and that’s exactly what I’m doing with this mix.

Day parties are wassup in DC right now.  They start around 3PM and go until.  They happen inside of some of DC’s hottest clubs and lounges.  If you came to one of DC’s day parties, this is what you’d most likely hear.  This is a straight Top 40 Hip-Hop and R&B mixtape with a splash of Go-go.

I was playing this mix for one of my girl’s the other day and she called it, “guilty pleasure music,” that’s so true.  While my people and I can sometimes be music elitists, we like to get it in too.  Play this mix at your next party.  Love!

This mix contains adult language.

Sub Hip-Hop

Sub Hip HopIt’s important that we pay attention to underground music in all genres, that’s where artists are nourished and new sounds developed; this is especially true in Hip-Hop right now.  So many MC’s are working underground to find the voice that will distinguish them as Hip-Hop flirts with commercialism and struggles with shrinking audiences.  This is the idea behind Sub Hip-Hop, this versatile mix of MC’s and their diverse approach to this musical format are necessary for Hip-Hop’s sustainability.

In this mix, East Coast, West Coast, Down South, Midwest, and far too many cities in between to name, are represented.  This is the Hip-Hop radio won’t play.  Jay Electronica, one of the most talented rappers in the game today, is featured throughout.  So is eLZhi, formerly of Slum VillagePusha T formerly of The Clipse; and I also explore some horrorcore with newcomer Tyler the Creator, of Odd Future… why not?  There are also some big names on this mix who enjoy making underground hits like Kanye West, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and I threw in some Lil Wayne just for fun.

Special shout out to some of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) based rappers featured in this mix including rapper-producer, Oddisee of Prince George’s County, Maryland and up-and-coming DC rapper Denard Dapoet whose exclusive song Sunrise is 3rd on this mix.

This mix is truly for HIP-HOP HEADS ONLY.  Be prepared, this art has not been censored.  Love.

Re-Enter the Wu

Re-Enter the Wu This mix is for all the Wu-Tang Clan fans.  I put this together for a friend of mine (yes I take requests) and thought many of you may enjoy it as well.  I am a huge RZA fan.  He is without question one of the most talented and influential producers in hip-hop.  This mix displays his incredible knowledge of music and his gift for sampling some of the dopest beats ever used in hip-hop.  From the first minute I heard C.R.E.A.M., senior year of high school, I knew hip-hop would never be the same. This mixtape features music from Wu-Tang as a group as well as some of their solo projects and collaborations.  You’ll hear some of the original songs RZA sampled as well.  Whether you’re a Wu fan or not, I think you’ll enjoy this collection of songs.  I’m not one to sensor art, so know there is strong adult language in this mix.

Download the 192 kbps version (98.4 MB) here!