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Fell in Love in the 80’s

Fell in Love in the 80\’sMy first mixtapes consisted of bad radio recordings via my Casio cassette recorder with the external mic; more often, the background noise was louder than the music.  Once I got ahold of a radio with a tape deck built in, I felt unstoppable.  I still have some of those childhood tapes, one of my favorites had Shelia E.’s Hold Me, Culture Club’s Mistake #3 and Tech and the Effx’s Perfect Match (from School Daze).  My goal was to always catch the songs that didn’t get a lot of airplay, now I’m excited to share that music with you.

Fell in Love in the 80’s is the first installment in my new series of mixtapes showcasing some of my favorite love songs according to decade.

When I first started work on this mixtape I thought it would be part 2 to the first slow jam mix I posted on entitled, While You Were SwingingWhile You Were Swinging focused on slow jams released during the New Jack Swing era in R&B.  But Fell in Love in the 80’s goes beyond that with music predating the late 80’s and incorporating songs from the mid and early years of that decade.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a 70’s baby who loves 80’s music and the rarer the song the better; please enjoy this mixtape of classics. Love!

Unsung, is Must See TV

Unsung is the best music show on television and actually is the only show I’ve consistently watched for the past few years.  If you have ever wondered what happened to your favorite R&B singer or group from the 70’s and 80’s, chances are Unsung has told their story or soon will.  The list of artists it’s featured reads like my website, my favorite episodes so far have been on Donnie Hathaway, Phyllis Hyman, Minnie RipertonDeBarge, Sylvester, Teena Marie, Deniece Williams, Angela WinbushAlexander O’Neal & Cherrelle, and too many more to name.  It is a well written and thought provoking show.  Think VH1’s Behind the Music without the mainstream artists, in other words it won’t be featuring Whitney Houston or Jennifer Lopez.

Catch it every Monday night on TV One.  Here’s the latest episode on Evelyn Champagne King. Love!

Smoke City – Dreams


DreamsSmoke City released the I Really Want You album in 1985.  Dreams was the second cut on the album and became an instant Quiet Storm favorite.  It appears this group falls under the “one-hit wonder” category since they never recorded another album.

I Really Want You was out of print for years, leaving many R&B fans without a copy. Just last year, the album was remastered and re-released.  Very little is known about the group Smoke City; maybe that’s because it was signed to the Epic Records label when the Sony division boasted huge R&B artists like Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and Sade.  Smoke City may have very well been swallowed up like so many up-and-coming groups signed to large labels.  Dreams was co-written, produced and arranged by Ron Scott who helped create a number of R&B classics including The Dells, I Touched a DreamDreams, is one of many rare slow jams that will be featured on my new mixtape Fell In Love in the 80’s, coming soon.  Love!