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The Family – Screams of Passion (Extended)

The Screams of PassionI love this song, I even loved the album cover! And while the band The Family may have been a short lived Prince concoction; it has left me with one of my favorite musical creations.  I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.  That love was cemented by the group’s sexy video that featured Jerome Benton of the Time and their cutting edge fashion statement of silk pajamas (CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO).  They were hot and full of soul.  But like so many of Paisley Park’s proteges, his Purple Badness’s tight grip choked the life out of The Family.  At least I’m left with the memories or perhaps the fantasy of what could have been.  I say fantasy since Prince actually wrote, performed and sang most of the music associated with this single.  The group’s lead vocals were later added.  Enjoy the extended version of 1985’s Screams of Passion.  Who knows… perhaps this may the beginning of a new Prince inspired mix; although I’m afraid that could send my mind into creative overload.  Love!

Love and Blessings

Love and BlessingsLove is a blessing.  Not just having love, but the path to it is what’s most extraordinary.  Wanting love, having it and losing it again are all blessings.  When we are patient within our journeys, we allow God to show His most awesome power.  So often we are in such a hurry to get to our destinations that we miss the lessons and the beauty in our walk.

This mixtape is a celebration of this concept.  Love and Blessings is filled with some of the best in independent Neo-soul.  You’ll also hear some jazz and inspirational music in this mix as well.  I think it’s perfect for a Sunday morning around the house or a nice weekend drive. The artists featured are reflective as they explore love, God and His blessings in their lives.  I hope you will enjoy this compilation and remember, it’s all LOVE!



The Other End of the Dial

The Other End of the DialMusic is freedom; freedom to play and create whatever we want.  This is the best part of being a music lover.  I enjoy genre shifts and exploring new formats and artists.  My mixes reflect what I’m into and that changes… a lot.  I like to get lost in a genre, sometimes for months at a time.  Right now I’m feeling slow alternative rock.  This mix features some of my favorite new and old songs from the genre. You’ll hear touches of country, folk, bluegrass and of course acoustic rock – all set to engaging slow rhythms.  This is an alternative rock “slow jam” mix if you will.

While listening to The Other End of the Dial I found it recharged my creativity. I’ve painted two new paintings with this music setting the mood in the background.  I hope you find it as inspirational as I have.

And remember, if you’re locked into listening to only one kind of music you are chained.  Release yourself,  touch freedom and check out the other end of the dial.  Let me know what you think. Love!

Download the 192kbps/HQ version (102 MB) here!